Directors Message

Jane Lindland

Jane Lindland, M. Ed.

Our number one concern as parents is providing a safe and nurturing environment for our child. Our second concern is providing an environment where our child can thrive emotionally, socially and academically. Our third and most challenging concern is finding a program that can accommodate our very busy and diverse lifestyles. Lil’ Sprouts of Essex is dedicated to addressing all these concerns.

At Lil’ Sprouts, we are creating a safe environment that promotes a sense of security, trust and acceptance so your children are able to grow socially, emotionally and academically. We celebrate a true love of learning and prepare our young students for success when they enter the primary grades.

The staff of Lil’Sprouts of Essex believes a successful learning experience requires a partnership between teacher and parent. Our assessment involves an ongoing appraisal and documentation of the growth and development of your child. It helps when parents and teachers work together to understand the unique characteristics of each child and focus together on areas of strengths and needs. Together we will communicate information needed to provide curriculum that successfully responds to the development taking place within your child. This information is created and shared through parent/ teacher conferences, developmental portfolios and phone calls home.

We cherish the friendships we make each year with our students and their families. We are looking forward to meeting you and adding you to the Lil’ Sprouts family.


Jane Lindland, M. Ed.